Kongekampen 2024

13 maj 2024

Underneath the radiant sun, 300 students gathered at Kongekampen. Dodgeball battles ensued amidst laughter and cheers, as friendships blossomed. In this perfect weather, camaraderie flourished, making Kongekampen an unforgettable celebration of student life.

Now Powered by E.1

Step into the heart of Esbjerg’s pulsating student life with Kongekampen—an exhilarating extravaganza that transcends mere competition to embody the very essence of camaraderie and spirited celebration. As the sun cast its warm embrace upon the gathering of 300 eager participants, the air was charged with excitement, anticipation, and the promise of unforgettable moments. From thrilling dodgeball showdowns to a myriad of engaging activities and contests, Kongekampen emerged as more than just an event; it became a vibrant tapestry of shared experiences, fostering connections and memories that would endure long after the final whistle.

Gathering the city’s higher educational institutions, Kongekampen is an annual tournament where students compete in teams for the ultimate prize. Powered by E1, this eagerly awaited event brings together over 300 students for an exhilarating dodgeball showdown. Beyond the thrill of victory, Kongekampen symbolizes the unity and vitality of Esbjerg’s student life, forging bonds and creating cherished memories that extend far beyond the tournament grounds.

A Shoutout to E1 Co-Creators

None of this would have been possible without the dedicated efforts of our volunteer team, the “E1 Co-Creators.” They played a crucial role in setting up, managing, and ensuring the smooth running of the tournament. From preparing the venue to serving as judges, their contribution was invaluable. We extend our heartfelt thanks to them for their unwavering dedication and hard work.

Push it up a nudge!

Throughout the day, in addition to the exhilarating dodgeball tournament, an array of exciting competitions captivated participants. From an impressive showcase of strength in the push-up challenge, where the reigning champion conquered a staggering 75 push-ups in just one minute, to the whimsical costume contest offering enticing prizes, every moment was brimming with excitement and anticipation. These diverse contests added an extra layer of fun and engagement to the festivities, creating unforgettable memories for all involved.

Why participate?

Kongekampen, powered by E1, stands as the premier one-day event for students in Esbjerg. It’s a culmination of fun, rivalry, and unity as students from different programs and institutions come together to battle it out on the dodgeball court. Beyond the thrill of competition, it’s an opportunity to connect with fellow students, enjoy an outdoor party atmosphere, and ultimately determine which institution reigns supreme in Esbjerg.


KongeKampen 2025

This year marked E1’s inaugural organization of Kongekampen, following its takeover from SAMS (Social Aktivitet Mellem Studerende). We are incredibly pleased with how the day unfolded and have ambitious plans for its future iterations. With expectations of even greater success next year, we are committed to making Kongekampen an even more significant event.

In conclusion, Kongekampen powered by E1 is more than just a dodgeball tournament; it’s a celebration of student life, unity, and the vibrant community in Esbjerg. We look forward to seeing even more students join us next year as we continue to grow and strengthen this cherished tradition.

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