Have you found your dream education in Esbjerg and are you tired of living at home? Then we’ll help you get started here with everything you need to know about student housing in Esbjerg. Of course, it may also be that you’re coming from afar and you’ve heard about all the fantastic things to do in Esbjerg, including all the educational opportunities, and therefore you’ve chosen to settle here. Whatever your reason, we’ve gathered everything you need to know so that you can find a place to live as easily as possible while studying!

Different types of housing in Esbjerg

You’ve just received your acceptance letter in your e-Boks, and of course, you got in! The butterflies are fluttering in your stomach because a new chapter is about to begin very soon. But suddenly you remember that before you can fully enjoy the excitement, all the practical details need to fall into place – like finding somewhere to live! But don’t worry, we’ve made it easy for you. So let’s start with what housing options you have in Esbjerg.

Student Housing

Student housing in Esbjerg is perfect for you if you just need a place to live while you’re a student. Student housing is only rented out to students or those about to start studying. Another thing about student housing that makes it ideal for those who want something easily accessible while studying is the notice period. While you often experience a 3-month notice period for regular housing, it’s significantly shorter for student housing, usually around 6 weeks. However, always remember to check with the individual provider for specific rules.

When looking for student housing, prices can vary greatly. If you’re okay with a place where there’s a shared bathroom and/or kitchen, you can often find them very cheaply. Sharing a bathroom and kitchen with other students can be a great way to be as social as possible while studying.

If you instead want your own student housing, where you don’t share a kitchen or bathroom with others, then it’s natural to expect a higher price. However, most student housing is reasonably priced, tailored to a student’s budget with financial aid (SU) for living away from home.

Here you can find available student housing in Esbjerg.

All student housing in Esbjerg is rented out through Boligzonen. It’s a website where you can get an overview of all available student housing. The dorm rooms and youth apartments are priced between approximately 2,700 – 6,000 DKK depending on whether they come with a shared bathroom and/or kitchen.

You can also check out these websites for student housing:

Housing association

A dormitory or student housing with a limited rental period may not be suitable for everyone – and it certainly doesn’t determine whether you’ll have a good study experience in Esbjerg or not. If you prefer something more permanent, where you either don’t have to share with others or there are no limited rental periods, there are housing associations in Esbjerg that you can sign up for. Here, you will be offered housing as soon as something becomes available and it’s your turn on the waiting list.

You can find a comprehensive overview of housing associations in Esbjerg on Esbjerg.dk. You can go through them one by one and simultaneously sign up for the housing options that are relevant to you.

You can also view the different housing associations here: [Link to housing associations

Private rental

If the waiting time is too long with the housing associations and you’re eager for your very own apartment, you can also rent privately. The options here are just as good as through housing associations, and there’s a selection ranging from small one-room apartments to shared apartments, which are perfect for those who want to share their study time with a friend, partner, or roommate. Private rental allows you to find a place that perfectly suits your preferences and needs, and landlords can often be more flexible with rules and terms.

You can find private rentals here:

How do you search for student housing in Esbjerg?

No matter whether you’re looking for student housing or apartment through a housing association, it’s crucial to check out each website and read about their specific application process.

But the process is fairly straightforward. In most cases, you simply sign up on the website, and then you have the opportunity to apply for the accommodations you desire. Here, you typically have the option to search for specific properties, allowing you to influence factors such as rent, location, number of rooms, and more.

When a property becomes available for you, you’ll receive an email notification, which will also outline how to accept the accommodation and what the next steps are.

If you’re searching for apartments through private landlords and websites like BoligPortal, it’s often a first-come, first-served basis, as there are no waiting lists as there often are for renting student accommodations through housing associations. So, if you find a private property you’re interested in, simply contact the owner via SMS, email, or a phone call.

Get an insight into your upcoming student life

Are you planning to start your dream education in Esbjerg?

At E.1, we’ve created an inspiring space just for you as a student. Being a new student, whether you’re new to the city or have lived here for several years, it can be difficult to know all your options. That’s where we come in!

We’re here to help you make sense of everything when you become part of Esbjerg’s student life.

Beer tasting event at Esbjerg Streetfood
Beer tasting event at Esbjerg Streetfood
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Bingo event at Esbjerg Streetfood

Economic Considerations

It is important that you take your own economic considerations into account before finding your student accommodation in Esbjerg.

As previously mentioned, all practical matters need to be in order before your new adventure with new studies and your very own apartment can really begin. Therefore, we cannot avoid the perhaps slightly tedious topic: Economic considerations.

Even though it would be wonderfully simple if such matters didn’t need to be addressed and you could just move, that is unfortunately not the reality. Therefore, here is a small guide to some considerations you should make before you move.


Monthly Rent

The monthly rent will likely be your largest expense when you move into an apartment. It is important to have a realistic budget and to choose a place where the rent fits your financial situation, such as your student grant (SU) or income from a part-time job. Make sure to include all fixed expenses such as electricity, water, heating, internet, and any other monthly expenses you have. This way, you will have a clear overview of your financial commitments and how much is left over for enjoyable experiences with your new classmates.

Fixed Costs

If it is your first time moving into a new student accommodation or apartment, it can be a good idea to get an overview of the fixed costs you will incur when you move. This includes expenses such as insurance, internet, water, heating, and more.


In addition to ensuring that your student grant (SU) or income from a part-time job can cover your rent and fixed expenses, you also need to have a deposit ready before moving in. Most landlords require a deposit as security against any damages to the apartment during your tenancy. Typically, this deposit amounts to two or three months’ rent, which you’ll need to pay upon moving in.

Moving Costs

There can also be expenses associated with your move, such as renting a moving truck or making multiple trips if you’re doing it yourself. Additionally, if it’s your first time moving out on your own, there will be costs associated with purchasing essential items like furniture, kitchenware, and everyday necessities that we use regularly. These expenses can be tailored to fit your budget, and there are many thrift stores nowadays that sell quality items. Whether you choose secondhand or new, these expenses can add up.

Start Your Future in Esbjerg

Begin your future in Esbjerg and secure your everyday life within exactly what you’re passionate about. Whether you dream of becoming an engineer and contributing to the future of technology, exploring the creative world of multimedia design, immersing yourself in the magic of music, or stepping into the business world, you will find the tools for it in Esbjerg, among the many educational opportunities.

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