We collaborate with several higher education institutions to create new study programs and integrate existing ones into the E.1 Concept.

From 2023, students in Esbjerg will have the opportunity to become part of E.1. For example, all students will experience a focus on well-being, corporate collaboration, and digital possibilities. We continuously develop the framework in cooperation with educational institutions, businesses, and public employers to collectively provide the highest quality of both well-being and expertise. 


New Law Program at SDU Esbjerg

The new law program at SDU Esbjerg has been developed through close collaboration between private and public workplaces in Southwest Jutland, the law department at SDU, and Education Esbjerg. 

When SDU Esbjerg opens its doors to up to 50 new students in September 2023, emphasis is placed on strong legal expertise, innovative learning methods, well-being throughout the study journey, and collaboration with local employers. 

Peter Kirk Larsen, Attorney and Managing Partner at Kirk Larsen & Ascanius, says:  

“At Kirk Larsen & Ascanius, we have great experience in welcoming young individuals early in their educational journey. Alongside many other companies and public workplaces in the area, we support the idea of contributing to the education of future generations of lawyers. We look forward to welcoming the students and helping enhance their legal as well as personal skills.” 


New PtX Education on the Horizon

Aalborg University, in collaboration with Education Esbjerg and local partners, is in the process of establishing a new master’s specialization in Power-to-X and green fuels in Esbjerg. 

This specialization is a fresh addition to the Sustainable Energy Engineering program, building upon AAU’s highly acclaimed problem-based learning model. As a student, you can anticipate an international and academically robust master’s program, delving into topics such as PtX systems, fuels, energy storage, hydrogen, CO2 capture, and chemical conversion. 

Esbjerg stands as Denmark’s Energy Metropolis and hosts numerous companies in the energy sector. Enrolling in the Power-to-X master’s program provides students with a unique connection to this industry. 


New Cand.Merc Profile

The business community in Esbjerg requires specialists in green transformation and sustainability. Therefore, Education Esbjerg, SDU, and companies are embarking on a new educational initiative to equip future Cand.Merc graduates with the skills needed for this task. Several elements from E.1 will be integrated in this new Cand.Merc. degree. 

David Dupont-Mouritzen, Project Director at HØST PtX Esbjerg says:  

As the green transition gains momentum in Denmark, we will see an increasing demand for qualified professionals with specialized skills who can support the process. Expertise in fields such as law, economics, and humanities must play a role in connecting the future energy landscape and its diverse stakeholders across industries and sectors. Green business graduates can have a unique role here. 

Within the energy sector, we will, for instance, witness agreements and billing and cooperation models taking shapes that we can hardly imagine today, requiring a strong industry understanding among future economists. Close collaboration with companies during their education can ensure that students keep up with the rapid developments.” 

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