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In collaboration with some of Esbjerg’s most visionary companies, we offer you the opportunity to become part of the E.1 mentoring programme.

The E.1 mentoring programme matches students with six months to two years left of their education with mentors from the business world with significant professional experience. Through networking meetings, dialogue, feedback, and exchange of experiences, the mentorship program aims to ensure a smoother transition from being af student to enter your future work life.

As a bachelor’s or master’s student, you as a mentee can be paired with a mentor with experience from a company or public authority in Esbjerg or the surrounding area, who has the same or a similar educational background as you. Additionally, you’ll have a mentor who has been in the same situation you are in now and who is eager to share their knowledge and experience to help guide you.

Your mentor serves as a 1:1 sparring partner for you, where you can discuss your educational and career choices.

Since November 2020, our program has matched 100 mentors and mentees. Mentees are excited about benefits such as the following:


A smoother and more inspiring transition to the working life.

Greater understanding of the job market.

A network within the business community in Southwest Jutland.

You set the agenda

The mentor sessions focus on topics that are significant to the student, such as thesis preparation, dream job exploration, career advancement, or further education opportunities. There is great flexibility, as it is up to the mentor-mentee pair to schedule the meetings, where typically the mentee sets the agenda. In addition to the meetings planned by the mentor-mentee pair, there will be workshops organized by E.1 during the period (Kick-off, Mid-term Workshop, Closing event).

What does it give Brenda and Mikkel to be paired as mentee and mentor in the E.1 mentorship program?




Who are the other mentors/mentees?

The mentors come from local businesses in South and Southwest Jutland. They can be from both public and private sector organizations, and from large as well as small companies/organizations.

Mentees come from the 5 higher education institutions in Esbjerg: UC Syd, Erhvervsakademi Sydvest, Syddansk Musikkonservatorium, Syddansk Universitet, Aalborg Universitet. There are many different reasons why a mentee joins the mentoring programme, but common to all is the desire to gain insight into themselves and their careers. Mentees are typically halfway through or close to completing their studies when they join the mentoring programme.

Where should we meet for our 1:1 meetings?

It’s completely up to you and your mentor/mentee! Your conversations can take place at the mentee’s university, the mentor’s workplace, at the library, a café, or wherever you feel like meeting! Many previous mentees have found it exciting to visit their mentor’s workplace and gain insight into the organization – perhaps you could consider that.

Can I find time for it alongside my work/studies?

Absolutely! We understand that your daily life is shaped by your work/studies and many other activities. That’s precisely why we’ve designed the E.1 Mentoring Programme in a way that maximizes the benefits with a minimal time investment over 8 months.

Overall, we estimate a time commitment of 20-25 hours over the 8-month duration of the E.1 Mentoring Programme. So, E.1 Mentoring Programme is a manageable and flexible mentoring programme where you and your mentor/mentee meet when it fits into your schedules!


Apply to become part of the E.1 mentoring programme

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