E.1 First Job is a collaborative initiative between Education Esbjerg and Aalborg University Esbjerg. The aim is to facilitate a smooth transition from studies to the first job for students at AAU Esbjerg.

Through workshops, career consultations, and events with member companies of Education Esbjerg, E.1 First Job equips you with the skills and knowledge needed for the job search process. This program empowers you to take charge of your career, ensuring you are well-prepared to secure your first job after graduation. 

Who Can Participate? 

E.1 First Job is available to AAU Esbjerg master’s students in their final year and bachelor of engineering students in their penultimate year. Registration is required, and all activities are conducted in English. 


Registration for E.1 First Job opens on September 1, 2024, for AAU Esbjerg master’s students in their final year and bachelor of engineering students in their penultimate year. AAU Esbjerg will notify you when registration opens, and information will also be available on this page. 

Professional and Personal Competencies

This workshop focuses on identifying and enhancing both professional and personal competencies. Understanding your strengths is crucial for the job search process. You’ll learn to pinpoint and articulate your skills, explore job opportunities relevant to your degree, and gain insights into the local job market. The workshop combines presentations with practical exercises and is held at AAU Esbjerg Campus. 

CV and Application Writing

In this session, we delve into crafting an effective CV and job application. We start by assessing your current experience and discussing what makes a strong CV and cover letter. You’ll receive practical tips from a recruiter’s perspective and have the chance to work on your own documents with feedback. The session also covers the strategic use of LinkedIn in your job search. The workshop is a mix of presentations and hands-on activities, hosted at AAU Esbjerg Campus. 

Job Interview Preparation

This workshop hones in on job interview techniques. We’ll discuss your previous experiences, expectations, and areas for improvement. You’ll learn about the typical interview process, from who you’ll meet to what to expect, including essential do’s and don’ts from recruiters. Preparation is key, so we’ll help you craft your personal narrative and tackle common interview questions. If interviews make you nervous, we’ll provide strategies to manage anxiety. The workshop blends presentations with interactive exercises and takes place at AAU Esbjerg Campus. 

Career Consultations 

Twice a year, you can book individual career consultations. These sessions are tailored to your needs and can cover topics like job search strategies, networking, CV and application feedback, and interview preparation. 

E.1 First Job

Discover the brand-new E.1 First Job program, designed to help AAU Esbjerg students transition smoothly from study to work. Through engaging workshops, personalized career consultations, and networking events, you’ll gain the skills needed to land your first job. Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your career prospects! 

Tailored for You

Exclusively designed to support AAU, Esbjerg master’s and bachelor of engineering students like you in your final stages of study. 

Smooth Transition to Employment

Helps you make a seamless move from academic life to professional employment. 

Comprehensive Workshops

Join in-depth workshops focusing on your professional and personal competencies, CV and application writing, and job interview preparation.

Free of Charge

Participate in this valuable program at no cost to eligible AAU, Esbjerg students. 

Company Events 

Twice a year, we host events where Education Esbjerg’s member companies are invited to meet students. These events include presentations on AAU Esbjerg’s programs, professional insights, and networking opportunities, giving you the chance to connect with potential employers. 

Schedule for 2024/2025

October 22, 2024:
Workshop 1: Professional and Personal Competencies 

November 14, 2024:
Workshop 2: CV and Application Writing 

November 26-28, 2024:
Career Consultations

December 5, 2024:
Company Event

March 4-6, 2025:
Career Consultations

April 3, 2025:
Company Event

All sessions will be held at AAU Esbjerg Campus. 

More Information

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