170 students sang along to the biggest hits at music bingo!

Elisa Linde Jørgensen
26 april 2024

Imagine a night filled with music, laughter, and friendly competition – that's exactly what 170 students experienced at the recent music bingo event hosted by E.1 Co-Creaters.

At the heart of the evening was a band from the local music conservatory, led by none other than Lasse, one of E.1’s Co-Creators. Lasse, a student at Esbjerg Musikkonservatorium, served as both the band’s conductor and the bingo master, guiding the audience through a thrilling musical journey. With his band, E.1 Shots, they delivered an electic mix of tunes throughout the bingo rounds, ensuring non-stop entertainment for all attendees.

The event had an impressive array of prizes totaling a whopping 30,000 kr, adding an extra layer of excitement to an already magical evening. The venue came alive with the sounds of music bingo, featuring chart-topping hits that had everyone singing along, creating an electric atmosphere of pure joy and enthusiasm.

It was a fantastic evening, the students really helped make music bingo a huge success! We didn’t expect people to sing along from the first track, but it was amazing!

Lead E.1 Co-Creator of the event

E.1 Co-Creators comprises 20 enthusiastic students all from various higher education institutions in Esbjerg. Their collective efforts in organizing events for their peers play a crucial role in fostering a vibrant and inclusive student community. Their willingness to contribute speaks volumes about their dedication to enhancing the social experience of Esbjerg.

Organizing the event was a pleasure with the help of the volunteer co-creators, the fantastic band I had assembled, and especially the passionate team behind Esbjerg Streetfood. Evenings like these really make me proud to be part of E1; I truly feel that as a co-creator, you’re met with support and a resounding ‘yes’ when you launch projects and come up with new ideas!

Lead E.1 Co-Creator of the event

The festivities kicked off with a traditional game of bingo, expertly managed by Kathrine and Emilie from E.1. However, it was when the band took the stage that the evening truly came alive, as students immersed themselves in the exhilarating world of music bingo.

Through their passion, creativity, and collaborative spirit, E.1’s volunteers have succeeded in creating an environment where students can come together, have fun, and forge lasting friendships. The success of this event serves as a shining example of the positive impact that student-led initiatives can have on campus life, leaving a legacy of camaraderie and celebration for years to come.


21 maj 2024

“Her er der bare en lækker udsigt over Esbjerg”.

Er du også ved at flytte hjemmefra eller på udkig efter en studiebolig? Det kan godt være overvældene og en jungle at finde frem til dit næste hjem. Derfor har vi taget ud til kommende og nuværende studerende i Esbjerg for at få lidt inspiration.


21 maj 2024

“Jeg kan se lige over til mit supermarked”.

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“Der er ikke havudsigt, men det er rimelig centralt”.

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13 maj 2024

Kongekampen 2024

Underneath the radiant sun, 300 students gathered at Kongekampen. Dodgeball battles ensued amidst laughter and cheers, as friendships blossomed. In this perfect weather, camaraderie flourished, making Kongekampen an unforgettable celebration of student life.

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