E for Education, Energy, Empathy, Ecology, Equality

1 for the first of its kind

E.1 is an entirely new educational concept that, with a global perspective, high ambitions, and a focus on the whole individual, reimagines the role and format of education. 

There are many versions of a fulfilling professional life and various paths to achieve professional success. What’s essential is that the journey is as educational, secure, and robust as possible, so that the future graduates have a sustainable foundation to build upon, both professionally and personally. 

E.1 stands for an educational environment centered around curiosity, engagement, networking, digital opportunities, and, most importantly, individual and collective well-being. In a novel format, we offer specially curated educational journeys, in collaboration with the educational sector, spanning across national and international educational institutions and business partners. 

The vision is to create a digital learning space where students, educators, and partners, regardless of geography and through the use of hybrid solutions, collaboratively support learning and establish a meaningful academic life. 

E.1 Curated education in one place. 

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