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E.1 is a groundbreaking educational concept that, with a global perspective, high ambitions, and a holistic approach, reimagines the role and format of education.

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Tomorrow demands well-prepared young individuals who can collaborate seamlessly across boundaries. E.1, an innovative digital education platform, champions well-being, community, and learning. 

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A vision for a new landmark in Esbjerg. Visualization: BIG.
This is how a new neighborhood and campus area for all could look. Visualization: BIG.
Atmosphere by the marina. Visualization: BIG.
A sustainable structure. Visualization: BIG.
The grand staircase leading to the rooftop, connecting the levels. Visualization: BIG.
Spaces for community. Visualization: BIG.
Spaces for reflection. Visualization: BIG.

New Law Program at SDU Esbjerg

The new law program at SDU Esbjerg has been developed through close collaboration between private and public legal workplaces in Southwest Jutland, the law department at SDU, and Education Esbjerg. 

In September 2023, 50 new students were admitted to the first semester of the Law Program at SDU Esbjerg. 

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New PtX Education being explored

Aalborg University, in collaboration with Education Esbjerg and local partners, is exploring the establishment of a new master’s specialization in Power to X and green fuels in Esbjerg. 

This specialization is part of the Sustainable Energy Engineering program and is based on Aalborg University’s highly esteemed problem-based learning model. 

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New Cand.Merc Profile

The business world in Esbjerg is in demand for specialists in green transformation and sustainability. Education Esbjerg, SDU, and several companies are thus embarking on a new educational initiative aimed at equipping future Cand.Merc graduates with the skills to address this task. Several elements from E.1 will be integrated in this new Cand.Merc. degree. 

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About E.1 and Education Esbjerg

Education Esbjerg is the driving force behind E.1 and has been in operation since January 2020. Our mission is to increase the number of educational opportunities and students in Southwest Jutland, with Esbjerg at its heart. We are also dedicated to attracting and retaining highly educated professionals. 

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