We understand that practical application of theoretical knowledge enhances learning. Therefore, we’ve established several initiatives in corporate collaboration to ensure our students gain experience in translating theory into practice during their education. This creates significant value for the students, the involved companies, and the surrounding community. Our focus on experiential learning builds a bridge between academic knowledge and real-world societal challenges. 

Denmark’s Premier Company Partnerships

In the coming years, E.1 will expand the cooperation between students and businesses through a range of initiatives. All our programs can be found on the digital E.1 platform, where students can meet and interact with local companies, gaining access to study jobs, internships, and project collaborations. 

E.1 Mentor Program

With a personal mentor from the business world, we offer students a seamless transition from their studies to their professional careers through meaningful conversations about life, education, and career. 

Mentor sessions revolve around topics that hold significance for the student, such as preparing for their thesis, landing their dream job, career growth, or opportunities for further education. 

Students and mentors are matched based on their educational background, industry, and mentoring preferences. Over 100 students have already been part of this program. 

E.1 Inspirational Talk

As an E.1 student, you get the opportunity to be inspired through presentations, panel debates and talks by thought leaders, business executives, and the inspiring “geeks” of our time. These discussions cover the latest trends, experiences, and the ups and downs of life. 

Professional Master’s Degree

The Professional Master’s Degree is an extraordinary, individually tailored experience that offers students the opportunity to build professional expertise in collaboration with a company alongside their academic studies. 

Early in their academic journey, students are paired with a company they will work with throughout their education, combining study jobs, internships, and mentorship. 

Through a Professional Master’s Degree, students gain hands-on experience in a professional context, learn how to communicate their acquired knowledge, and provide and receive feedback. Companies, in turn, gain access to a strong talent pipeline and the opportunity to leverage the latest academic insights in their respective field. 


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