Is your next chapter as a student at a new university just around the corner? And are you having trouble figuring out exactly which program is right for you? Or maybe you just need that final confirmation that this feels right before sending off your application?

Who Can You Meet?

Get Inspired by Esbjerg’s More Than 60 Higher Education Programs Across the City’s 5 Higher Education Institutions.

Aalborg University Esbjerg is a dynamic and modern educational institution that combines academic excellence with a practical approach to learning.

AAU Esbjerg

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With a dedication to technical education and professional excellence, FMS Esbjerg has established itself as a leading educational center in maritime technology and marine engineering.

FMS Esbjerg

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SDU’s newly built campus in Esbjerg offers dynamic learning and hands-on experience in business administration, law, health sciences, environmental management, and much more. Expect engaged instructors, innovative projects, and an inspiring study environment.

SDU Esbjerg

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With a focus on high-quality education, UC SYD offers a wide range of professional bachelor’s degrees. At UC SYD, you can study to become a teacher, pedagogue, nurse, and much more.

UC SYD Esbjerg

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With a wide range of academy and professional bachelor’s degrees, the academy offers a valuable learning environment for those who wish to prepare for a successful career in various industries.

EASV Esbjerg

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We got you!

The educational opportunities are incredibly numerous, and which one is the right one for you? Are you making the right choice? And do you even know about all the possibilities? There are many questions!

When it comes to education, more and more programs are constantly emerging, and it can be a headache to read and understand what the different programs entail – and perhaps even more importantly: What jobs can you get afterward?

Fortunately, you are now one step closer to finding out, because on Saturday, February 24, 2024, from 10 AM to 1 PM, there is an open house at the following educational institutions in Esbjerg.

Is It Even Worth Attending the Open House?

The short answer is a loud and resounding YES! There are indeed many advantages, and you can read more about them here:

Talk to Other Students and Feel the Energy

At the Open House events, you will have the opportunity to listen to presentations that will enlighten you about each program that Esbjerg has to offer. You can also talk to students and instructors and ask the more personal questions that you can never really find answers to online. It is an excellent way to physically experience your potential new study environment – and feel the vibe.

Get to Know All the Educations

In Esbjerg, you will find a wide range of programs, from more technical studies and programs in marketing to those focusing on creativity.

But do you even know all your options? The open house is also for those who still feel they haven’t found the right fit. Attend an open house event and get informed. Learn about all the programs, ask questions, and become more knowledgeable. You might even discover a program you didn’t know existed.

Get Five Tips from a Current Student

Tip #1

Seek Out Current Students and Ask Them!

At most Open House events, you can meet current students. You often get a clearer and better insight into the program or institution from a student rather than from a lecturer or professor. It gives you a better and more honest picture of what you can expect – and it’s truly a missed opportunity if you don’t take advantage of it.

Tip #2

Be Proactive

Be curious, and ask questions while you’re there. It’s you who wants to learn more about the program, so make sure to be as proactive as you can. For example, if you’ve heard a presentation about the program you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to ask some follow-up questions once the presentation is over.

Tip #3

Do Your Preparation

It can be challenging, but prepare well before attending the Open House. Research the programs at the educational institution you plan to visit and delve into the programs that pique your interest. That way, you can have important questions answered by those who are involved with the program.

Tip #4

Go Alone

Whether you want to go alone or with others is entirely up to you. However, it may make sense to go alone. Among other things, to properly assess which program is right for you without influence from others. It’s your future – so you shouldn’t let yourself be influenced by others. Of course, I understand if you feel more comfortable going with friends or family, but if you go with several people, it’s easy to influence each other or lose focus.

Tip #5

Follow Your Gut Feeling

The only one who can answer whether it’s the right choice is you. And remember, it’s perfectly okay to have requirements for the program you want to enter, because they will have requirements for you in the coming years. Take advantage of a visit to the Open House to get a handle on your gut feeling and clarify whether you can see yourself right there.

Is Open House for you?

  • It’s for you who already know what you want but just want to see your future educational institution or just want to say hi to other students and teachers and feel the atmosphere and the study environment
  • It’s for you who are almost certain but just need that final confirmation
  • It’s for you who don’t yet know what you want.
  • It’s for you who want to network, ask lots of questions, and get answers to all your questions.
  • It’s for you who want to learn from a distance and just want to listen here and there.
  • Open House is for everyone.

It’s not uncommon to come across programs at Open House that you weren’t even aware of. Jakob Fin Rasmussen found his choice of bachelor’s degree through an Open House event in Esbjerg. Read more about his story here and how the event set him on the right track.

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